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          2. Add: 500m far from south of Jiaocheng Economic Development Park, Shanxi Prov.,China.
            Telephone exchange: +86-358-3576366
            Marketing Dep.: +86-358-3521713
            /3521715 / 3526130
            Purchase Dept.: +86-358-3526201
            Fax: +86-358-3521716

            EHS Orientations

            EHS Orientations:

            With the wish of to be the worldwide distinct leader of Cephalosporins materials within the coming ten years,and the believes that People-oriented,Integrity-based,Quality-first and Technology-powered, the company is to supply the high-quality pharmaceutical products for humans health and happiness.

            Policy to Safety : To strength the awareness of safety and regulate the acts,all staff take part in and be involved in.

            Policy to Health: To prevent and control the dangers,obey the guidelines and insure the health.

            Policy to Environment:Clean manufacture, Protect environment,constantly improve and save energy and cut discharges.

            In order to improve the self-behave and self-management, we commit to:

            1. Operate management system was set up to continuously satisfy the customers;

            2. Act according to national rules and laws to insure the professional health and hygiene;

            3. To prevent the pollution, diminish the hidden danger and assure the safety;

            4. To save energy, reduce consumption, and cut discharges, gain a fine and brave way to forward.

            EHS System:

            The EHS System is the combination of ISO14001 Environment Management Assurance and GB/T 28001 Occupational Health and Safety Assurance System, and also have passed the annual review.

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